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Crab Challenge
Boom Beach Logo
A Diabolical competition
We have a diabolic competition in store for you this Halloween, Commander, and the prize is a real-life Dr. T figure! The Hallowed Crab, Dr. T’s latest tout of terror, will be attacking soon. Boom your way to victory and earn a place among the top 150 players on the US leaderboard for your chance to win. But don’t worry, we’ll also be selecting 10 participants at random to also receive a special-edition Dr. T figure, so even if you don’t make the leaderboard you could still walk away with a prize!
Rules & Regulations
  • Competition Details
    The Hallowed Crab Mega Crab Competition is run from October 26th 2018 12am EST to October 30th 2018 12am EST. Only U.S. residents who have a physical address in one of the 50 states are eligible to participate in the competition. Winners are determined based on the U.S. Hallowed Crab Mega Crab leaderboard.
  • Claiming Your Prize
    All prizes must be claimed by December 29, 2018. In order to obtain the prize, please sign up for Supercell ID (you don’t need to opt in to the marketing list). The in-game leaderboard will display the Top 50 Hallowed Crab players in the US. If you are unsure if you made the top 150 and are eligible for a prize, make sure that you are signed up for Supercell ID - we will contact you if you have won! To learn how to sign up for Supercell ID, click here.